What is UrbanTrueCrime?

UrbanTrueCrime.com is a cutting edge and objective news source for urban crime in America. Giving you a direct insight into gang conflicts, drill culture, police corruption, and so on.

A specific goal for our content is to publicize the lesser-publicized. Coverage of things like criminal underworld stories, biographies on lesser known underworld figures/gangsters, and revisiting lesser known and forgotten cases.

Fans of A&E ‘s “The First 48”, this is the publication for you.

Who made UrbanTrueCrime.com? And who is operating / posting?

UrbanTrueCrime.com is entirely my brainchild – J. Chalupiak of Saskatchewan, Canada. I am an aspiring journalist and have been writing non-fiction for much of my life, and particularly begun specializing in urban true-crime in ~ 2017.

As of now, I am the sole owner-operator of the site.

What does the site post about?

UrbanTrueCrime.com launched originally in 2019 as Weapons Grade Viral Media (WeaponsG.com, a domain that expired in 2022), with intentions to cover primarily drill-rap related content. We were also a source for hip-hop news, new rap videos, and breaking current events + pop culture.

In 2021, the rebrand from Weapons Grade Viral Media to UrbanTrueCrime.com was initiated and finalized. We always prioritized credibility, which is more relevant now that we are a genuine digital news publication, rather than a blog.

Where do you source your content?

Aside rom resident research and analysis, the Submit page is the channel in place for readers to send in stories, requests, information, comments, questions or anything of that nature.

Does UrbanTrueCrime.com have a code of ethics?

Among the subject matters dealt with on this publication are: poverty, gang violence, black on black violence, racial violence. These are difficult issues to cover and monetize ethically.

We are “competitors” to sites that share a lot of graphic content (fights, knock-outs on the street, videos of muggings and shootings etc.) and while that content is easy to host and nets clicks, UrbanTrueCrime.com is trying hard not to represent that negativity in the culture as we portray it. We are an objective outlet for urban true crime stories- a haven for fair journalism, and a publication with an overall goal of challenging the societal norms within urban culture that lead to the demise of far too many men, women and children in the hood.

Where is UrbanTrueCrime.com based?

The prairies, Canada.

You can find everything you need to know to get in touch with us on the Contact page.