Video from Chxpo’s Instagram
A comparison from images found on Chxpo’s Instagram, showing off the inspiration for his face tattoo

    Cleveland, Ohio rapper Chxpo took to Instagram today to show off a video of himself tossing pound bags of weed to his buddy catching them with a garbage bag, filling in the void the NBA’s cancellation has left behind for action sports. This is not the first time Chxpo has posed with insane amounts of cannabis.

    Famous for his extremely large and ever-growing discography, as well as his distinct anime-influenced face tats and rapping with oversized grills – Chxpo is some of your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper for sure. A frequent collaborator of 16yrold, Chxpo is arguably an “emo” rapper, while simultaneously exhibiting blatant gangster and masculine imagery in his work. His uniqueness is what earned him the almost cult following he has today.

Chxpo’s debut Lyrical Lemonade video “BVNDGXD”, currently at 1.8 million views

    While his roots are in Cleveland as a leading figure to the local “BBE 900” gang, Chxpo has put that life behind him and is currently residing in posh California as a career rapper and influencer. Besides reminiscing on his former dangerous lifestyle through his lyrics, Chxpo also continues to publicly support some of his brethren left behind in the justice system. While everything seems to be beyond fine and dandy for 2020 Chxpo, one has to wonder what the deal with all of the money and weed is.

News from WKYC Ohio / Commentary from Twitter @CHXPO