Did BossTop confirm Oblock’s involvement in FBG Duck’s murder?

The question is asked around 6:48 in the video

A since deleted interview from a relatively low-key Chi-town cameraman known as “Panda Body Productions” captured Oblock BossTop (affiliated with King Von and [formerly] Chief Keef) saying some certainly regrettable things on the topic of FBG Duck’s then-recent murder as him and his friends stand within the gates of the infamous Parkway Gardens projects.

Interviewer: I wanna stir anything up, but do you got any thoughts on FBG Duck [his murder]? What are your thoughts, like.. Did you know him before?

BossTop: smiles Who, Duck? I don’t know nothing about that.. on Gang. BUT ALL I KNOW IS, DON’T SAY SHIT ABOUT TROY! … OR.. R.I.P. Duck laughs

Exchange between Panda Body and BossTop on the subject of FBG Duck’s recent murder (a well known, longstanding rival of Oblock / BossTop)

As bad as that exchange was, it only got worse immediately after.. Keep watching.


Check out fans reactions to BossTops loose lips:


For some that might be out of the loop, the “Troy” character BossTop loudly mentions is actually James “T. Roy” Johnson, a well respected Oblock member that was killed in 2017. T. Roy was dissed and undignified by FBG Duck several times in his music [1] [2].

Note: We could not find Panda Body Production’s YouTube channel to link, but credit to him for the interview of course.


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