On May 9, 2022, the leadership of the famous “Young Stoner Life” record label was indicted in an almost decade-long Georgia State RICO case seeing the arrest of 28 people in Atlanta. Included in the YSL indictment are several well known Atlanta-area rappers who have gained international fame over the years, like Sergio “Gunna” Kitchens and Martinez “Lil Duke” Arnold.

Calling Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams the leader and orchestrator of an Atlanta bloods gang called “Young Slime Life”, the 88-page indictment is an overwhelming list of evidence that goes back 9 years, starting with an incident in 2013 where a YSL associate pointed a gun at a man. There are several murders and attempted murders involved, as well as murder conspiracies, shootings, robberies, burglaries, auto-thefts, dealing and buying of drugs, and most concerningly, a huge list of racketeering charges that are based solely on music videos or vague social media posts.

Redditor /u/Loveablejackass_ shares an old video of Young Thug with Donovan “Nut” Thomas, who was later killed by (allegedly) YSL associates. Five people are charged with that murder, not including Young Thug though, whom the state has evidence apparently rented the vehicle used to do the shooting in.

Most rap fans paying attention have probably seen that YSL rapper Deamonte “Yak Gotti” Kendrick standing on YFN Lucci’s car is considered “overt furtherance of a conspiracy” in the indictment, as well as the fact that Yak Gotti is charged in the murder of Donovan “Nut” Thomas”, a prolific Atlanta blood that was killed in 2015.

Most notably, Young Thug is accused by prosecutors of renting the car used in that murder, but he is not charged with the murder itself. Among these charges, the 88-page YSL indictment contains a slurry of evidence and details that have been totally overlooked by most.

The first charge in the 9 year conspiracy (2013): YSL associate “Tick” points gun at a man named Reginald Pettis in Atlanta. Tick Was accused of robbing NBA player Javaris Crittenton in 2011.

Trontavious Stephens in a 2013 mugshot

Trontavious “Tick” Stephens was involved in an incident in 2011 where he supposedly robbed former NBA player Javaris Crittenton at gun-point. This armed robbery is what lead to Crittenton shooting and killing 22-year old Julian Jones by accident. Tick was the target of that retaliatory shooting that night and Jones was merely sitting next to him. Crittenton was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2015 after pleading out to manslaughter in that case.

The prosecutor has plenty of evidence over the years showing that Young Thug was influential in the commission of violent acts, and the overall functioning of the organization.

Most fans probably heard that Young Thug was alleged in one count to have told his underlings that they are “getting soft” for not having shot or at least beat a certain individual, over a presumably wiretapped line.

Besides the evidence of the furtherance of conspiracy, Young Thug is implicated in a huge variety of crimes, such as drug possession and sales (a few with Gunna), and many specific incidences of alleged racketeering / general gang activity. At one point, the state shows evidence of a recorded conversation between Young Thug and Kyle Oree, an alleged leader of a Sex Money Murder faction. They bring up several names of other gang leaders in Georgia, and state explicitly “anybody not under one of these individuals in the state of GA must line up PETE-SAP“.

On September 9, 2013, among the very first charges listed in the indictment, Young Thug is alleged to have committed the crime of Theft by Receiving Stolen Property- They are accusing him of unlawfully possessing a gun that was stolen from a victim named Ann Phillips.

YSL associate Walter Murphy publicly flaunting a tattoo on Instagram eight years ago is supposedly evidence of the “furtherance” of a criminal conspiracy, and not just the mere potential existence of one. It appears that Young Thug is referencing Trontavious “Tick” Stephens by name in one of his songs.

The state supposedly has evidence that the individuals who stabbed Rayshawn “YFN Lucci” Bennett in jail are not only YSL associates, but made communications to Young Thug while in jail, inquiring about both permission for the hit (which was unsuccessful of course) and also payment.

YSL indictment defendants Christian “Bhris” Eppinger and Antonio “Obama” Sumlin are accused of being directly involved with YFN Lucci’s stabbing, though they are not listed as the offenders themselves. Bhris was arrested in early 2022 for a highly publicized case in which he shot an Atlanta police officer 6 times, non-fatally. This was likely an accelerant for the indictment(s) coming down.
Two counts above the actual attempted murder count, the state declares that the attempt on YFN Lucci’s life was part of the criminal conspiracy. It appears that the state has wiretap evidence regarding the solicitation of this attempted murder.

YSL associates Kahlieff “Bobby Hunt” Adams, Damekion “Dee” Garlington and Jayden “Jayman” Myrick are charged with the actual stabbing of YFN Lucci.

The state shows a photo from the Instagram account of Damekion “Dee” Garlington. Garlington, a suspect in YFN Lucci’s stabbing, is seen with Young Thug, Yak Gotti, Lil Duke, and Shannon “SB” Stillwell. Stillwell is accused of killing rival Shmyel “Peanut” Drinks in early 2022, and more notably is the suspected killer of Donovan “Nut” Thomas Jr., charged for it alongside four others.

Here are just some of the alleged violent crimes mentioned in the very beginning of the conspiracy. The indictment lists countless violent crimes, their suspects and their victims.

On 6/18/2013, a YSL associate named Justin “Duwap” Cobb allegedly stole a firearm from an individual named Draonte Johnson.

On 9/11/2013, a YSL associate named Walter “DK” Murphy is alleged to have robbed a victim named Derrick Dotson at gunpoint. They also accuse Murphy of firing shots at the victim.

On 1/19/2015, Justin Cobb is again accused of a serious incident where he allegedly robbed two victims named Travis White and Tony Lutrell at gunpoint. He is further charged with an attempted murder charge, as he is said to have then shot victim White non-fatally.

On 4/12/2015, Murphy and Alleged YSL associate Demise “Nard” McMullen are accused of a serious incident where they are charged with attempted murder x4, among many other charges including drug charges. They are alleged to have shot a victim, Dexter Montgomery, and fired shots at victims Cornelius Davis, DeAngelo White and Christian James. This incident also includes street gang activity charges connected to the shooting charges, indicating a confidence in it’s direct connection to YSL.

Aside from the publicized murder of Donovan “Nut” Thomas Jr. in 2015, here are the other two murders mentioned as part of the indictment:

Shmyel “Peanut” DrinksMurdered on March 15, 2022 in the Mechanicsville neighborhood in Atlanta. Two suspects Shannon “SB” Stillwell and Quamarvious Nichols were arrested for this shooting, and are both listed as defendants in the YSL indictment.

They are accused of many other crimes throughout the nine year-long conspiracy, and evidence of their affiliation with the other conspirators is listed in the indictment.

Shannon “SB” Stillwell and Quamarvious Nichols, arrested for the murder of Shmyel Drinks. Drinks was a rival to YSL, according to Atlanta police. [source]

Jamari HolmesMurdered in Atlanta on February 23, 2019 at the age of 15. The police said he was a documented gang member. Within the same week, two teenage suspects were arrested for his murder – alleged YSL associates Damone “Bali” Blalock (then 17) and Rodalius “Lil Rod” Ryan (then 15).

They are now indicted as part of the 28 conspirators listed in the 2022 YSL case, and the state is including evidence of their affiliation: Including social media posts, name-drops by other associates like Wunnie “Slimelife Shawty” Lee and Instagram photographs with other conspirators.

As part of the indictment, two victims are listed in the Jamari Holmes murder case and were likely present with Holmes but unharmed on the day of the murder. The state accuses Lil Rod and Bali of further attempted murder charges pertaining to victims Rodney Ooten and Bernard Mitchell Jr. on February 23, 2019.

Rodalius “Lil Rod” Ryan shown as a missing child in 2015, at the age of 11. [source]

An Attempted Backdoor? The state says that two YSL indictment defendants conspired to kill a “fellow gang member”.

The state has evidence that YSL associates Antonio “Obama” Sumlin and Cordarious “Polo” Dorsey at one point conspired to murder a “fellow gang member” named Harold Clements. Clements is most likely a YSL associate, given that the rest of the document is consistent in it’s usage of the term “rival gang member”. Harold Clements is not listed as a defendant in the indictment.


A lot of what the state has is indicative of an informant (or multiple) being on the inside of YSL for a number of years already. It appears that many counts are mundane, non-gang crimes that were picked up on incidentally throughout the active gang investigation.

Fan-favorite rappers and YSL associates Deamonte “Yak Gotti” Kendrick and Martinez “Lil Duke” Arnold are being accused of murder-conspiracy charges and gang activity charges for an incident back in October 1, 2015, where they allegedly strapped up with a .40 caliber handgun and a AK-47, hopped in a car and went looking for rivals (known colloquially as “sliding”), not finding any.

The state is saying that this was a retaliatory act, instigated by the rival gang shooting at them previously.

On April 19, 2019, YSL associate Antonio “Obama” Sumlin is accused of a second-degree burglary in which he allegedly targeted a storage container at 1590 Marietta Blvd, NW, Atlanta and broke in. Though this is being called racketeering activity by the state and an “overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy” like most or all counts, it is unclear how this alleged burglary relates to the gang activity (if it does at all).

An October 2019 Google Streetview snapshot shows storage containers at 1590 Marietta Blvd in Atlanta. [source]

These are only a handful of the details that stood out as significant but didn’t quite make the mainstream news cut. If you are interested, you can read the 88-page indictment in it’s entirety right here. A text-searchable mirror can also be found on Scribd.

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