William Pickering, or EBE Bandz / GMEBE Bandz was found dead in unincorporated Winnebago County. Three men are charged, with one still being sought.

Rockford publication rrstar.com says that William “EBE Bandz” Pickering was beaten to death with a baseball bat and then set on fire. He was found in unincorporated Winnebago County and it is said that he died after William Azrate, 22 (with the glasses on the left), struck him in the head with a baseball bat. The criminal complaint says he was acting with “two others”, and all three are now charged -William, Manuel Ramirez (right) and Dakota Graff (center). Dakota Graff (20) is still on the run.

William “EBE Bandz” Pickering speaks on his affiliation with the Black P. Stones, more specifically a “Titanic Stone” set in over east Chicago.

From EBE Bandz Instagram (@billydakid079):

The person running EBE Bandz’ Instagram account speaks on how one of the men was supposed to be his friend.

Eyewitness News WTVO WQRF on YouTube provided footage of an official police statement: