You have probably seen Lil Durk show up to The Breakfast Club with his artist King Von, but you probably didn’t know that he was in Cook County Jail with no bond facing 1 murder and 2 attempted murders right before the launch of his career. Since his release, fans that know of King Von’s street “credentials” have been quick to comment that Lil Durk is “turning hittas into hitmakers” with his latest signing. Check out this violent summary of King Von’s past:

  • Fans allege that he is the killer of a young Chicago man whose murder is still unsolved, named Modell McCambry. This is an old rumor on Chicago streets, but interestingly it was basically confirmed when a 4chan user once hacked the twitter of one of King Von’s gangland rivals (a deceased female killer named Gakirah “KI” Barnes who was the feature of an A&E documentary called The Secret Life of a Gang Girl). King Von was curiously boastful about Modell’s murder, which took place in October 2012.
  • DMs from the hack and Instagram posts from friends that would come out after Von was buzzing point at the fact that King Von is actually the one that killed KI. He even raps about it in some of his music. There is an Instagram story from one of Von’s actual street comrades that sparked lots of controversy in the Drill community because it heavily suggests the former.

From the Instagram cheno_mafia (link on Reddit)

“I swear I killed her, broke her back”

King Von on “Exposing Me Remix” w/ Memo 600

“Put a pretty opp bitch in a morgue”

King Von on “War Wit Us”
  • King Von was even interviewed in person by A&E for the KI documentary, in the stairwell of the notorious O’Block neighborhood Chief Keef is from. The film makers are unaware of Von’s actual connection, and only of his threatening tweets toward her at the time. They only discuss their rumored love interest on camera, which was also thoroughly explored in the KI twitter account hack.
Von as seen in the A&E documentary (link).
Von and Herbo‘s March 2020 collab is currently on fire, already at 5.5million views as of May.

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