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After I published the article yesterday about LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler showing up to court not in inmate clothes but rather Burberry and Margielas, I reached out to him and he told me that he would like for the trial of the Stinc Team to be publicized as much as possible. He also told me the following “…12 on straight bs they getting whooped in court”.

Drakeo is in the Men’s Central Jail in LA fighting charges including murder – and as of many publications have pointed out including myself, the circumstances surrounding the case point to corruption of the LAPD’s motives. Check out some of these excerpts that I features on yesterdays article, straight from Jeff Weiss of

“In the District Attorney’s rendering of that night, Drakeo, Boyd and Buchanan went to a “Naughty or Nice Pajama Jam” at a warehouse party in Carson to lie in wait for RJ. However, the D.A. claims that RJ never showed up and around 11:30 p.m., Buchanan killed a 24-year old alleged gang member named Davion Gregory, wounding two others in the shooting. According to police, the shooting came from a Red Mercedes that they allege was owned by Drakeo. Yet Drakeo’s Mercedes is black.”

“It’s ridiculous,” says Drakeo’s attorney, Frank Duncan. “This case is absurdly overfiled and we have every reason to believe the charges are being brought against him as a result of his fame. We have an excellent chance of winning.”

“According to Duncan, most of the prosecution’s case rests on jailhouse informants who are snitching on Drakeo as a way of either earning a reduced sentence—or possibly getting revenge on a rapper who has turned talking shit into an art form rarely seen since the peak of Killa Cam.”

Jeff Weiss

From yesterday:

I am attempting to stay in touch with the Ruler and gather more information pertaining to the trial of him and also the Stinc Team.