C.E.O. Pierre “P” Thomas of Quality Control Music, which is a renowned Atlanta based hip-hop label known for being the home of the Migos, went to Instagram today to share a public service announcement regarding a fraudulent web service claiming to be that of Quality Control. His screenshot of the website called “qcthelabel.com” shows a form for “unsigned talent” to input credentials and pay money for its submission (seemingly $40 USD). People in the Instagram comments share various reactions:

Readers who are aspiring rappers should know that many fraudulent “services” such as this one not only exist but are getting people every single day. When one gets taken down, another one will just simply appear. In this day and age, with zero technological literacy and a small pile of start-up funds even a hustler from the hood can get a webmaster on his side. Also know that especially massive labels such as Q.C. often do not allow aspiring artists to simply submit their music. Labels that carry name with that weight or similar would have no choice but to employ a party or two to play A&R all day long, all week, in order to cover the guaranteed magnitude of response (and this does not happen).

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