A man having a very bad day in the aftermath of dropping a pound of weed in his car. [via @ChillySoSa]

A video is going viral since yesterday (924K views currently) showing the aftermath of a man dropping what is apparently a pound of weed all over his car. Twitter users are quick to point out the similarity between this video and a much older video showing a bad “lean” spill. The frantic subject in that video is seen attempting to gather up the syrup on the dirty concrete with his fingers and splash it back into the bottle.


Here are some Twitter user’s reactions to the recent viral video:

Take a vacuum, put a sock over the hose end, wrap a rubber band around it. Pick up your weed no problem

via @JettyMind

I’ll never hangout with the nigga who laughing and recording my L ever again, niggas who laugh as you take an L definitely aren’t Solid

via @ALLSTARGarcon

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