Cee Kay pinpointed in alleged security guard shooting

Back in 2018 – 2019, A Pine Bluff, Arkansas rapper called “Cee Kay” (born Tirek Langel) was just beginning to blow up. A rap career culminating in a NBA Youngboy feature, a viral SayCheeseTV interview where he stomps out when asked about a murder charge, and even a couple of hit drill tracks on WSHH and SayCheese (ironically), during this period Cee Kay was “steppin” heavy in the rap industry, toting a more and more common rap style emphasizing on shooting, killing, and doing the rivals wrong.

Cee Kay was undoubtedly a rising talent, occupationally threatening the grind of other aspiring rappers during this time period. His flow and melodic delivery, much like one NBA YoungBoy, is a favorite vocal style of female rap fans. With all of these opportunities and connections, where along the lines did Cee Kay’s incredible momentum come to a halt?

All the wrong career moves

Early on, Cee Kay signed to an imprint called Hikari-Ultra, essentially the label domain of New York’s own City Morgue. Unfortunately, in hindsight we can see that this move would cement Cee Kay as a “City Morgue” artist for the remainder(?) f his career. The City Morgue affiliation was the least of his worries however. Cee Kay’s career has been interrupted equally by the state of Arkansas since almost all of his time in the limelight.

He has spent much of his young life locked-up, including when he was “popping” with the rap music. During his later incarcerations, he was even been able to document his time in the Arkansas system with contraband cellphones, making videos that would end up recorded and ultimately re-uploaded all over the net by now. These are things that (arguably) ruined his opportunities indefinitely within the larger scope of rapper fame.


Cee Kay’s March 2021 shooting incident

Fast forward: Most recently in just March, 2021, Cee Kay was arrested for a shooting at a Pine Bluff casino in which a security guard was shot in the stomach while attempting to remove a group of unruly patrons from the casino, Cee Kay being among them. After the shooting, the group of perpetrators got away that night.

Cee Kay and Kuro’n Brown, close gang cohorts and rap buddies just 2 years previously.

“No honor among thieves”

Immediately proceeding the shooting, almost all men involved in the incident voluntarily cooperated with police investigation and were able to prove to detective they were not the shooter(s). They were released without trouble, but Cee Kay was not one of the men able to exonerate himself.

Three other men originally sought by police in conjunction with this case – Dontarius Slater, Joshua McAfee, and Kuro’n Brown – have all met with police and been interviewed for the case.

Their statements that they did not fire weapons in the incident were corroborated by evidence and witness statements, and the three men were released.

– from Arkansas local news

Cee Kay’s consequences

Since March 2021, Cee Kay (Tirek Langel) has been sitting in an adult detention facility in Arkansas with a $150,000 bond.

Langel faces a total of nine counts, including four of committing a terroristic act against an occupiable structure (all Class B felonies), one of a terroristic act against a structure in operation with the intent to cause serious physical injury or death (a Class Y felony), one of first-degree battery (a Class B felony), two of aggravated assault (Class D felonies) and one of possessing a firearm as a previously convicted felon (a Class B felony). He faces 10 to 40 years for each Class Y charge, five to 20 years for each Class B charge and up to six years for each Class D charge, with the possibility of an enhanced sentence of up to 15 years for the firearm charge if he is sentenced.

Hikari-Ultra release “Dangerous” did very well at the time, netting 1.6m views on SayCheeseTV (as of Mar. 2022, 3 years later).

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