Formerly cracking Chicago drill-rapper Clint “RondoNumbaNine” Massey is still serving out his 39 year sentence for the murder of Javan Boyd, but since his sentencing he has been doing his best to keep his name out there. His most recent career endeavor is a video interview with someone close to him, hosted by Worldstar. Clint speaks on many issues over the course of 18 minutes, but here are just a notable few:

  • He addresses his hashtag #FreeClintMassey being changed from #FreeRondoNumbaNine due to the fact that he wants people to realize he as a person is on trial (and not his rap persona).
  • He confirms the details his lawyer was speaking on in a recent controversial courthouse recording, where on appeal it is being argued that Clint’s co-defendant Courtney “Cdai” Ealy was not made out to be the sole shooter aggressively enough in initial pre-conviction arguments. Many drill fans consider RondoNumbaNine to be a snitch since this.

Hear everything in the full RondoNumbaNine interview:

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