Squiidape: The French Collective Covering “Chiraq”

Squiidape in the flesh. [source]

If you pay any attention to Chicago drill, you might have seen someone (maybe even a Chicago rapper) share a french post about the culture. There’s certainly no shortage of french drill fans, and therefore the demand for such content is high. Providing to this fan-base consistently and thoroughly are a blog collective curiously named “Squiidape”, represented by a handful of young France-based men who are obviously some of the biggest appreciators of the music. Squiidape is very in-tune though, and they deal in more than just music.

The Squiidape front page. [source]

The official Squiidape website has been around many-a-years, and the formatting has almost literally never changed. Even with their 2020 logo update of a minimalist purple squid drinking soda, the website maintains its “OG” red squid logo variation. Content-wise, its updated somewhat often and is full of drill-gems for french readers, such as a recent write-up on the Glo-Gang/ Detroit connection.

The official Squiidape Instagram, decorated relatively newly with their 2020 minimalist purple squid. As you can see, some of the most currently prolific Chicago drill rappers (like Benz Zoe and 051 Drilla) are among their almost 5k followers.

Among their usual coverage of new music highlights and crime news, Squiidape has long been paying tribute to those fallen in Chicago (not even just rappers), all the way from their home-base in France. Recently they have been decking out their Instagram memorials with a bizarre purple tentacle “RIP”.

One of their typical memorials in 2020. [source]
This video from July 2020 is an example of what to expect from Squiidape. “Team 600” is a street gang on the South Side of Chicago under the Black Disciple banner, and is spearheaded in the rap world by artists like 600 Breezy and Memo 600.
Squiidape shares an (un-credited) photo of a young Cartel member with a Glo Gang tattoo. Their eternal lack of citing or providing any kind of credit is a cause for controversy among the American drill community. [source]
In December 2019, a somewhat well-known French YouTuber named “Baloo” did a podcast with Squiidape – a number of individuals representing the blog all as one. This is one of the only pieces of meta-content pertaining to them on the internet, as they have long been pretty elusive.

French drill fans who are intrigued can tap in the following ways: YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


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