What we cover

    UrbanTrueCrime.com originally launched in 2019 (as Weapons Grade Viral Media) with intentions to cover primarily drill + rap related content. WGVM ultimately became a source for hip-hop news, new rap music, viral videos and images, and breaking current events + pop culture. Think like a “WorldStarHipHop” type-website. This format saw a small degree of success among a niche demographic.

We have since expanded into a fast-growing subreddit within the true-crime community on Reddit, /r/UrbanTrueCrime.

The dilemmas

  With the monetization of the content on the site, combined with a subject matter consisting so consistently of death, destruction, the taunting of grieving gang member families, and just the degradation of American youth in general, I began to realize that the ad revenue coming in was almost “bloody” in a way. I write about the madness and chaos in the culture, it goes viral, I get huge clicks and therefore money. This was not a cycle I was necessarily thrilled about, but it conflicted with my love for journalism and writing about current issues that mean something to me.

    Hence the birth of UrbanTrueCrime.com – a true-crime publication focused on urban issues in America, with a perspective purely devoid of popular culture and subjectivity. It just so happens much of the content already on the site was already pertinent, with the exception of a few “nothing-burger” clickbait articles that were removed subsequently.

Now, as of early/mid 2022, UrbanTrueCrime begins posting again, with a fresh outlook and a fresh motivation.

Regarding our views and opinions

    All content and views expressed on UrbanTrueCrime.com are not aligned with any company’s views or intentions and should not be representative of either. UrbanTrueCrime.com occasionally covers huge, swirling rumors and will also cover what the masses are saying on a large scale in regards to certain current events unfolding at the time. We takes accuracy and journalistic integrity very seriously, and unconfirmed details will never be depicted as if they were factual.

    We are an outlet for curating and sharing media only. Whether we provide a bibliography at the end of an article or spread source links throughout a post’s body, we will always have our work cited, sourced or hyperlinked.

The financial part

    As of April 2020, UrbanTrueCrime.com is only generating consistent revenue through one means and that is ad revenue (via Jetpack on WordPress). That is why we have PayPal donation routes put in place, so supporters of our curation can lend a hand at keeping the lights on and doors open. While we are a new company and not yet incorporated in Canada, we have launched as a legitimate endeavor and intend on becoming a full-time tax paying operation.


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